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My name is Johnathan Banks. I'm a medical, a clinical and a corporate hypnotist and before you read any further, I'd like to point out that this website looks a lot better when you're using Google Chrome. Explorer (the other search engine on your phone) pushes paragraphs to the left of the page while Chrome fills in the whole page. Just click on Chrome and type in then turn your phone sideways.

Are all hypnotists equally qualified to help? No. Almost all the hypnotists out there are bored housewives, retired office workers or street magicians who either read a few books on hypnosis or went to an actual school for anywhere from a 3 day NLP course to several months in an actual school and have no knowledge whatsoever of psychiatry, psychology or that which a real doctor knows. If all you need help with is superficial, like to stop smoking, lose weight, stop cracking your knuckles, stop biting your nails, get over your fear of spiders and have more self esteem, then any one of these people can help you. These people are called clinical hypnotists.

If, however, you have cancer, have frequent nightmares, are clinically depressed or have any issues that require visits to a hospital, a psychiatrist or a psychologist, then these bored housewives and street magicians turned high school stage hypnotists should be avoided at all costs. What they claim they can do for you is dangerous, can backfire on them and can lead to massive liability lawsuits should your symptoms get worse and you blame them.

I have a B.A. in Psychology and a strong medical background. If you have deep seated issues or strong physical, emotional, mental or medical issues that required doctor visits, then I highly suggest you go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist who also uses hypnosis within their practice. Obviously, I'm one of those qualified people. We are called medical hypnotists.

My specialty is stress related. I can help you if you experience depression, hopelessness, fears, anxieties, PTSD, sleeplessness and nightmares, as well as extreme body aches and pains like bad backs that require injections, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, and painless childbirth. And I can also help you "clinically" gain a lot more energy, self confidence and motivation as well as help you perform better at sports and on the job.

I come to your home, office or we can meet at a safe outside location. My clients are throughout southern California and often can't come to me so I go to them. Therefore, I don't work out of an office. And I'm one of the very few hypnotists out there who can help you with multiple issues at once, so write them down and have the list with you.

What exactly is hypnosis? To put it simply, you have put yourself into a "hypnotic state of mind" when you can focus on one thing and have blocked out the surrounding things that could have easily distracted you. That one thing could be a spot on the wall, a story in a book, a TV show, a good conversation or anything that has you so absorbed that you're not paying attention to anything else going on around you.

This is the moment when anyone nearby, such as a friend, a family member or even a psychiatrist, a psychologist and yes, even a hypnotist can give you "suggestions" on let's say self improvements. But each suggestion is just that, a suggestion. And it is always a matter of choice, whether you want to accept the suggestion or not.

I've written a more thorough and hopefully less complicated explanation on another page which you can get to by clicking HERE.

Who can be hypnotized? Anyone who has trust in me that I have your best interest at heart and is willing to follow my simple instructions. However, some clients may not follow my instructions or may be distracted because their friends are nearby. That doesn't mean they can't be hypnotized. It means they aren't willing to follow my instructions at that particular time.

Why do hypnotists say the word "sleep?" Because it's the easiest word for our minds to understand and comply with. Your mind knows that sleep doesn't mean bedtime sleep, that it means to stop fidgeting and to calm down. In other words, you trust the therapist, you're willing to comply with his suggestions, so when you hear the word sleep, your brain signals the central nervous system to shut down, to take a much needed break, to finally turn the light switch off and relax. When you are that relaxed, your eyes will naturally close. You'll still be wide awake, just very relaxed. And when you are that relaxed, your mind finally becomes truly open. And since you trust the hypnotist, you'll be more willing to accept his suggestions for self-improvement or in healing yourself.

How effective is hypnosis? Hypnosis is very effective and often in just one session. However, each follow up session, if kept in a timely manner, allows what the hypnotist is telling you to sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious causing change to become more and more permanent.

If you have never heard of what hypnosis can do for someone. If you have never talked to someone who has been to a hypnotherapist. If you have never seen a hypnosis stage show in person or on YouTube. Then I highly suggest that you click on YouTube, type in "hypnosis therapy session" as well as "hypnosis stage show" and watch a few of each BEFORE contacting a psychiatrist or psychologist, who also uses hypnosis within their practice, so that your initial session with them will be effective. Statistically, people who have never known or seen anything about hypnosis are very resistant to enter the hypnotic state of mind.

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