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My name is Johnathan Banks. I'm a medical, a clinical and a corporate hypnotist and before you read any further, I'd like to point out that this website looks a lot better when you're using Google Chrome. Explorer (the blue Earth symbol) pushes paragraphs to the left of the page while Chrome fills in the whole page. Just click on Chrome and type in then turn your phone sideways.

My specialty is stress related. With that in mind, I can help you if you experience depression, hopelessness, fears, anxieties, PTSD, sleeplessness and nightmares, as well as extreme body aches and pains like bad backs that require injections, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, and painless childbirth. And I can also help you gain a lot more energy, self confidence and motivation as well as help you perform better at sports and on the job.

I come to your home, office or we can meet at a safe outside location. My clients are throughout southern California and often can't come to me so I go to them. Therefore, I don't work out of an office. There was a time when doctors made house calls so why can't I? And I am the ONLY hypnotist who can help you with multiple issues at once, so write them down and bring the list with you.

What exactly is hypnosis? Hypnotized used to be called mesmerized, which is a much easier word to explain. "You were mesmerized by that picture." "He was mesmerized by her beauty." "She was so mesmerized by that story in her book that she didn't even notice the children screaming in the background."

A light state of hypnosis is daydreaming, like staring out a window and imagining yourself somewhere else. A deep state of hypnosis is when you can concentrate on something so intently that nothing can break your concentration, such as the woman reading a book and blocking out the children screaming in the background.

It is when you are in this deep state of concentration that your mind becomes more creative as well as open to new possibilities, which is when a psychiatrist, a psychologist and even a hypnotist will give you "suggestions" on self improvements.

But each suggestion is just that, a suggestion. And it is always a matter of choice, whether you want to accept the suggestion and allow it to help you become healthy and happy or you can just as easily reject the suggestion.

Who can be hypnotized? Anyone who has trust in me that I have your best interest at heart and is willing to follow my simple instructions. However, 2% of any given group of people cannot be hypnotized because their brains are wired differently and an additional 14% of any given group of people are very difficult, even if they are willing, and will need a few sessions in order to reach the necessary depth of mind in order for change to be effective. In a hypnosis stage show, these would be the people that are sent back into the audience.

What does hypnosis feel like? The more you can focus on one particular object, the more your central nervous system will calm down. You've stopped fidgeting and you feel relaxed and you can still hear everything going on around you and, if your eyes are closed, you feel as if you could open them but you are so relaxed that you just want to keep your eyes closed and enjoy the experience. And your eyes don't have to be closed. The hypnotist can help you just as easily with your eyes wide open by using the word "relax" instead of the word "sleep."

How effective is hypnosis? Hypnosis is very effective and often in just one session. However, each follow up session, if kept in a timely manner, allows what the hypnotist is telling you to sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious causing change to become more and more permanent.

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