The Hypnotist

Mind Power

You may think that if you write down your New Year's resolutions that you will have a better chance of achieving them. Yet, you may fall short of achieving those changes and here's why.

Everything you do today and tomorrow, you do effortlessly because you have done it before. This is called repetition. Driving to work, eating at specific times, are all repetitious. And we do these easily because, again, we have done them before. You might say we do all these repetitious things on a subconscious level.

Your subconscious is a very intelligent, yet very lazy, child who likes things exactly the way they are now. It loves repetition. And more importantly, it hates "change." It is your primitive mind, your fight-or-flight mind, your emotional side, and it will throw a temper tantrum every time you tell it to change.

Not knowing how to give our subconscious the attention it needs to create change, we instead "consciously" put notes on refrigerators and on doors and on cabinets constantly reminding us of what we need to change. Putting notes around the house doesn’t work because you are missing two key ingredients, you need to believe that the notes are realistic goals and you need to “visualize” them happening in the present, not in the future.

Successful people have an extremely clear picture of themselves on stage winning an award or making a certain amount of money or buying a particular house. Then they write down every little step necessary to achieve that goal in a certain amount of time, whether it is how many extra phone calls to make every day or how much earlier to come into work or how much later to stay. But regardless of how much extra effort they put into achieving their goal, they never lose sight of that very "focused" and clear picture. Visualization is the key.

People who get sick quite often visualize themselves getting sick every year. They do this because they've gotten sick every year so they're ready to get sick once again. They have not learned to change their subconscious through a healthier set of visualizations.

A hypnotist helps your subconscious create a clear picture of your goals so that those goals, your new resolutions for a better and healthier tomorrow, become your instant reality.