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My name is Johnathan Banks and before you read any further, I'd like to point out that this website looks a lot better when you're using Google Chrome or any search engine, just not Internet Explorer. Explorer pushes paragraphs to the left of the page while Chrome, etc. fills in the whole page. Just click on Chrome or ? and type in then turn your phone sideways.

Please note: Hypnotherapy is not covered by any type of medical insurance and never was. It's a cash or charge business. Please check out my prices page.

My specialty is stress related. With that in mind, I can help you eliminate depression, hopelessness, fears, anxieties, sleeplessness and nightmares, as well as body aches and pains and, of course, smoking and weight. And I can help you gain a lot more energy, self confidence and motivation as well as help you perform better than ever at sports and on the job.

For hypnosis, I come to your home, office or we can meet at a safe outside location. My clients are from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and often can't come to me so I'm mobile. And I'm not your ordinary hypnotist. With me, you can either sit or stand and I'll put you through 3 (15 second) progressive exercises, each one is meant to help you relax and focus more and more. And I am the ONLY hypnotist who can help you with multiple issues at once, so write them down and bring the list with you.

What is hypnosis? The word hypnosis or hypnotized has no real explanation and was therefore greatly misinterpreted and abused by the movie industry who convinced the superstitious and naive public that it was evil, mind control and against their religion, the exact opposite of what it really is.

The word "hypnotized" used to be called "mesmerized," which is now very easy to explain. Mesmerized means to focus on something, so much so, that you've blocked out the surrounding things that could have easily distracted you.

An example is reading a book in a noisy area. Even though you can hear the kids yelling and cars driving by, you don't allow them to break your concentration.

Another example is, I once heard a woman complain to her husband "You were so mesmerized by that girl walking by that a 6 foot chicken could have walked in front of you and you wouldn't have even noticed."

That's all mesmerized or hypnotized is, focusing on something while ignoring the surrounding things that could have easily distracted you.

Professional sports players call it "being in the zone" which is when they focus only on the game and they don't allow their personal problems at home to distract them.

Yoga instructors get you into this "zone" by having you focus only on your breathing and your body position.

Meditators get into this "zone" by focusing on either a single thought, a particular sound or chant, or by focusing on an object in the room.

Once you're in this concentrated state of focus, your mind actually become more creative as well as open to new possibilities in your health and in your life. And while you are in this concentrated state of focus, anyone can give you "suggestions" let's say to improve your health or life. And since suggestions are just that, you have the ability to accept them or reject them. If, while a sports player is focusing only on the next play and he or she accepts what the coach suggests, then the player will do better at the game.

Is hypnosis mind control? Of course not. Again, you're not asleep, just really focused on something. And since you're not asleep, you can accept or reject what others are suggesting or even ordering you to do. The exception is with volunteers at a hypnosis stage show who respond to "orders" because they want to, otherwise they wouldn't be on the stage.

If I'm not asleep, then why do people look like they're asleep when they're hypnotized (mesmerized with their eyes closed)? The word "sleep" is the easiest word for our brains to understand and hypnotists say it because it's accepted by our brains a lot faster than the other word we hypnotists use, "relax." However, our brains and our subconscious minds know that we hypnotists don't mean sleep as in bedtime, but sleep as in to relax your central nervous system.

Who can be hypnotized (mesmerized)? Anyone who can follow my instructions and trust in me that I have your best interest at heart. If, however, I ask you to "focus" on one particular object and you look away, then you're not following my suggestions and therefore you will not enter a so called hypnotic state of mind. It doesn't mean you can't be hypnotized. It means that you're not willing to follow instructions at this point in time.

What does hypnosis feel like? Your central nervous has calmed down, you've stopped fidgeting and you feel relaxed and you can still hear everything going on around you and, if your eyes are closed, you feel as if you could open them but you are so relaxed that you just want to keep your eyes closed and enjoy the experience. And here's a secret, your eyes don't have to be closed. The hypnotist can help you just as easily with your eyes wide open.

How effective is hypnosis? Hypnosis is very effective and often in just one session. However, each follow up session, if kept in a timely manner, allows what the hypnotist is telling you to sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious causing change to become more and more permanent.

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