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My name is Johnathan Banks. For hypnotherapy, I come to you. For a bit of fun and free "outdoor" entertainment, which helps to promote my business, I can hypnotize you or your friends in any situation, even if it's on your feet at a busy street corner. For weddings, small parties or social gatherings, check out my "Prices" page. 

"Everyone has fears and stress from their past that affect today's thoughts and performances. Quite often, in one session I can eliminate those fears and stresses and help you to focus more on the memories that can now bring you confidence, joy and peace."

What is hypnosis?

The words hypnosis and self-hypnosis are mis-understood words. Self-hypnosis is a form of biofeedback, which is repeating things over and over again until they become your reality, like leaving reminder notes around the home. And hypnosis is simply being able to concentrate on something while blocking out surrounding noises which could distract you, much like a child does when coloring in a coloring book and is blocking out the parents who are talking in the background. And a hypnotist is the guide who uses the correct words that can help you concentrate.

This type of guided concentration is the same process a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a doctor, a teacher, a guidance counselor and a sports coach uses to help you focus while helping you block out distracting thoughts and noises that suround your daily life which could prevent you from achieving your goals in a proper amount of time. 

Would it surprise you to know that you are in and out of hypnosis many times throughout the day? Hypnosis is categorized two ways, you're either in “waking hypnosis” or “sleep hypnosis.” Waking hypnosis is simply daydreaming. Like when you are at work and you stare out a window and Imagine that you are at your favorite location and you do this so intently that you actually feel you are there until someone in your office shakes you and brings you back to reality. Or it could be a child coloring in a coloring book so intensely that the child doesn't pay attention to the noises around it. A great example is you driving down the freeway and have something on your mind, so much so that you miss your exit. Again, hypnosis is simply being able to focus on something so intently that nothing can distract you, not even a freeway exit.

As for “sleep hypnosis,” hypnosis isn't really sleep. Hypnotists use that word because it is the most relevant word people all over the world relate to. Some hypnotists prefer to use the word "relax" instead of "sleep" but they both mean the same and have the same outcome. Sleep hypnosis is when the hypnotist tells your central nervous system to "relax" so that your mind can become more alert and therefore more willing to make changes. Think of a time when you are trying hard to remember something and your mind feels so congested that you just can't remember it. Then once your body completely relaxes and you clear your mind, that thought falls right into place. Once again, a hypnotist simply relaxes your central nervous system so that your mind can become wide open to remember things and also to make immediate changes. It's a very safe, enjoyable and “relaxing” experience. And I will ask you from time to time to nod your head if you accept my suggestion and you cannot not your head if you're asleep, right? 

Is hypnosis safe?

Thanks to television and movies, a common misconception is that you will lose your willpower and do things you would never do. The truth is, YOU CANNOT BE MADE TO DO ANYTHING YOU WOULDN'T NORMALLY DO and you cannot be made to say or do anything that is against your moral compass. No secrets can ever be pulled out of you. In fact, you can even lie under hypnosis. And a hypnotherapist, just like the doctors listed above, will always have your best interest at heart. Also, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis. You are able to wake up at any given time because you are not really asleep.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Think of a time when you had the television on low and you turned over to go to sleep. Just before you fell asleep you could still hear the noise from the television but you no longer focused on what they were saying. That is the exact feeling you will feel when you are under hypnosis. You will hear my voice and you will hear all the noises going on around you and you will still be able to think clearly but your nervous system will be so relaxed that you will want to leave your eyes closed and enjoy the experience.

When clients open their eyes, they will say afterwards that they didn't "feel" as if they were hypnotized, that they could hear everything going on around them. This is because there are no "feelings" during hypnosis. It is simply a relaxation of your nervous system so that your mind can put full attention on what the hypnotist is saying.

Why are my hypnotherapy sessions different?

No hour long sessions: I specialize in 15 minute sessions designed to stop smoking, control weight, sleep better, control body aches and pains, help with phobias and perform at optimal levels in sports and on the job.

Interesting fact: In an hour long session, half of that time is used to make you relax each and every muscle in your body from your head to your toes. However, what most hypnotherapists won't tell you is that long and drawn out relaxation talks have nothing to do with being hypnotized. Although guiding you into relaxing helps your mind concentrate and should only take a minute.

In a session with me, I will first tell you everything I'm going to say and do so that you will feel comfortable knowing there are no surprises. Then, once you are comfortable knowing what to expect, you will be hypnotized in around 2 minutes by me using 3 gradual exercises, each one meant to help you focus more and more. Then we will spend the next 10 to 15 minutes on positive changes.

And you will leave the session feeling as if you had the most restful nap of your life, full of energy and ready to complete your day without any negative thoughts that could hinder your performance. Also, 15 minutes in hypnosis is like a 3 hour nap. That alone is worth a phone call, wouldn't you agree? 

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My Los Angeles phone: 818.697.1167

My Bakersfield phone: 760.223.0145 

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