The Hypnotist

As I mentioned on my first page, my specialty is stress related. The following downloadable PDF books can and will help you and they are free for you to download from my Google Drive. Please send me a note from my contact page if there is a problem with the links.

Feeling depressed? Does talking about suicide actually cause it to happen? Know the facts. CLICK HERE.

Here are 100 questions and answers about depression. CLICK HERE.

Do you smoke? Here is one way that many actors have sworn by. It is a lot of reading by Allen Carr, but a great alternative if you don't want the hypnotic way to quit. CLICK HERE.

Here is another very quick and fun to read book on quitting smoking. CLICK HERE.

Lose weight by first understanding how you fit in with the plan and why some succeed and others fail. Very easy and fast reading. From the founder of HMI, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA. CLICK HERE.

Have you heard of the TV show called The Biggest Loser? The host of the show has a very good book on what to eat. Here it is. CLICK HERE.

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