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Mind Control or Simply a Suggestion?

For those of you who don't believe in the power of a hypnotic suggestion, look around. You are constantly bombarded by powerful hypnotic suggestions from everywhere. Getting you to act on it is a technique that companies spend billions of dollars on.

We absorb everything through our 5 senses. The 2 most important senses are what we see and hear. So if you think that you are not absorbing powerful hypnotic suggestions, and acting upon them, just look at the most hypnotic salesperson in the world who uses your 2 most important senses, your television.

Companies spend millions of dollars for a 20 second commercial telling you that this is the right car to buy and this is the right Android phone to buy otherwise you may be left behind technologically. Children are extremely receptive to powerful hypnotic suggestions. While watching television, you may hear them yell that they want that particular cereal or they must go to that particular clothing store if they want to fit in with the rest of the children in school.

If you still don't believe this, then think of the age-old saying "keeping up with the Jones's." We are constantly looking for ways to evolve, to accumulate what others have, to have the newest product that will make your life easier. This is all a result of powerful hypnotic suggestions sent to you through television.

There are schools in England where the teachers tell their students to daydream while they are teaching class because they have realized that they can reach their subconscious mind where what they are teaching will imbed deeper and last longer if their students don't pay attention on a conscious level. Now how is that possible?

Just look at major sporting events. While your conscious mind is watching a major football game or an MMA fight, your subconscious mind is reading the banners and signs and posters and logos that are on the walls and on the ground. And while you are out shopping, your subconscious mind will see those products on the shelf and something inside you will tell you that you must have it.

The companies who have those signs and logos at those sporting events have spent millions of dollars to put them there and without saying a word, they know that their message is getting to you just like the teacher's messages are getting to their students when they daydream.

Why is it, that with all the commercials and warning labels, people continually start smoking cigarettes and chew tobacco? How is it possible for millions of people to pick up a cigarette for the first time, put it in their mouth and inhale the poisons and toxins that will eventually make them sick, feel their chest collapse, cough uncontrollably and still continue to repeat the process until their bodies have become accustomed to ingesting poisons?

Because somewhere before that, their subconscious mind accepted a powerful hypnotic suggestion either from a major tobacco company or from, and this is more believable, a very close friend who they love and trust.

I've been hypnotizing people for medical reasons a very long time and the number one excuse I hear from people who smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco is that they don't believe the TV commercials, the warnings on the cigarette packs and others who have gotten sick from tobacco related products. They continued to reinforce their willingness to poison themselves by saying that their grandfather smoked from age 4 until he was 110 years old and even his doctor said that he had the lungs of a 12 year old. Now how far gone do you have to be to believe that?

I had an 80 year old neighbor who complained to me that she smoked $360 a month worth of cigarettes, and at the same time complained that she had to eat macaroni and cheese because she could not afford to buy real food. I told her that I could get her to quit smoking, for free, within 6 sessions covering 2 weeks at which point she would have enough money to eat out every single day of the month. She literally yelled at me, claiming that she did not believe in hypnosis and that she did not want to give up the only pleasure she had left in life. Once again, how far gone do you have to be to convince yourself that that which is poisoning you, stinking up your breath, your hair, your clothes, your furniture, even your bathroom, yellowing your teeth, wrinkling your lips, is a luxury in life, especially your only luxury in life?

She acted out in resistance toward me helping her because somewhere deep down in her subconscious mind, is a powerful hypnotic suggestion that she readily accepted, probably from someone she loved and trusted, that smoking is pleasurable. Now back in her day, cowboy movies were plentiful and at the same time there were billboards throughout her town showing a cowboy sitting down peacefully smoking a cigarette. Also at the same time was a camel smoking a cigarette with a smile in a peaceful environment.

So the question remains; are companies spending millions of dollars putting out advertisements that control your mind or are they merely putting out suggestions?

The answer is "both." In order for you to allow, and the key word here is allow, your mind to be controlled by a suggestion, one or all of 3 things will have to exist. Either you will have to trust the person giving you that suggestion, or you will have to find something pleasurable in the advertisement or the suggestion, or you will take up a negative habit because someone you love has the same habit and you want to be accepted by that person just like in the old saying "keeping up with the Jones's."

A hypnotist has that same ability which is why it is important for you to trust in the hypnotist that he or she has your best interest at heart. Now imagine that every suggestion you receive from here on out makes you a healthier and happier person.
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