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Past Lives Regression

There is a huge problem with professional psychiatrists, psychologists and hypnotists who claim they can perform age regression into a previous life and here's why. Our brains accumulate information from many sources and they often get jumbled up, mixed together, in the process. The many sources are from things we see, hear, smell, taste and touch, but there's more. We also accumulate information from watching movies, sitcoms, the news as well as from reading books, especially books on historical events.

Remember that everything we read and see can get jumbled up and mixed together. A dozen different movies that you've seen throughout your lifetime can get jumbled up and create one completely different movie which can play out in your dreams. These dreams may seem very real to you because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. To the subconscious mind, everything is real.

It's very easy to remember things that we have seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt from our past. But are they exactly what we experienced or are they jumbled up and mixed together, thereby creating an alternate version?

An example is this. Have you ever watched a TV series for the second time and were absolutely certain that a particular scene was in a particular episode, but instead, it was in a different episode? This is the confusion process.

Our subconscious mind jumbles up and mixes together different incoming events and sometimes, but not all the time, creates new events from them and then believes them to have been real. If you trust in your subconscious mind to believe that those mixed up events are 100% real, then you can even pass a lie detector test. And herein lies the rub.

Someone who is experiencing age regression into a previous lifetime may be experiencing a jumbled up set of events from a lifetime of watching movies, watching the history channel, watching the news, reading books and even from what their history teacher taught them many years earlier. And there's more. They could have fantasized about a particular point in time when they were a very small child and have since forgotten about it until they brought it to consciousness through age regression and then mistakenly believed that it was from a previous life.

There are many age regression videos on YouTube and I've seen a lot of them. What bothers me most is when I read the comments down below from people who believe and love those therapists. All the while, I am questioning their every move. For instance, in order to validate their move into a previous lifetime, the therapist never asked them particular questions.

Under hypnosis, you can remember the name of a child you knew in kindergarten, a name that you have long since forgotten. So during age regression into a previous lifetime, it should be just as easy to remember the first and last name of the people within that particular time.

The therapist needs to ask specific questions whereby the answers can be researched through Google to verify that those particular names of people, the names of the towns, etc., can be verified. But they don't. They don't because they are afraid to admit that what their clients are experiencing are a jumbled-up version of everything they have experienced and fantasized about within this particular lifetime.

Questions to be asked during age regression into a previous lifetime are questions where the answers can be researched through Google and verified. I would ask "What is the first and last name of your mother, father, siblings, etc." "What is the name of the town you're in?" "What country are you in?" "What is the exact day, month and year?" The therapists who claim they do age regression into previous lifetimes don't ask these questions because it would prove that their clients are merely living out their fantasies and the jumbled up incoming signals from a lifetime of experiences and childhood fantasies.

Under hypnosis, you will be asked to go back in time to the earliest time that you remember most and to describe your friends, the location and anything else that will make the picture in your mind of that moment clearer.

Then you will be asked to go back even farther, perhaps to a time you have completely forgotten and to describe it in detail.

This will continue slowly, year by year, skipping a few years in between each regression until you've reached infancy. This can be where fantasy and delusion sets in and none of it may have been real.

The fantasy by way of your imagination will continue to regress into the mother's womb. Then the hypnotist will ask you to imagine regressing even further into an astral body which may be called your spirit, and then regress even further from the astral body into a previous human body. You have now entered a previous lifetime. And this is where the fun begins.

All that is left is you're asked to describe the events and people within that time frame.

When you age regress, you may only remember traumatic events. That is because traumatic events embed their experiences in our subconscious mind stronger then non traumatic events. During these experiences, the hypnotist will constantly remind you that you are safe at all times, perhaps protected by a bubble that surrounds you that cannot be penetrated by any physical action or words.

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