The Hypnotist

What I Charge

Most hypnotists will charge up to $150 or more per 1 hour session AND they usually tell you that, regardless of what you need help with, you will probably need to come to at least 6 session.

I charge $125 per session and my sessions last 15 minutes and will achieve faster results, quite often in 1 to 3 sessions and here's why:
Most hypnotherapists will spend half that hour getting you to relax before the therapy. I do it in 2 minutes. And most hypnotherapists will use indirect hypnosis which takes a lot longer than my direct hypnosis techniques.

Multiple Session Discount: Only $500

Self confidence, phobias and many others can be helped in 1 to 3 sessions. But to stop smoking and a few other issues can take up to 6 sessions. With that in mind, I charge $500 for 6 sessions, saving you $250. In other words, after your 4th session at $125 per session, you'll get your 5th and 6th session free.

My Guarantee

Every hypnotist's website states that no hypnosis session is a guarantee for success. They say this because some unscrupulous clients will claim they quit their habits, etc., on their own and want their money back. For this reason, no one offers a money back guarantee. My guarantee is that I promise to help you until you are completely satisfied and that I will do so within 1 to 6 sessions.

Please note that each session should be no more than 2 or 3 days apart and can sometimes be as much as a week apart depending on the issue.