The Hypnotist

What I Charge

Most hypnotists will charge up to $150 or more per 1 to 2 hour session. AND they usually tell you that, regardless of what you need help with, you will probably need to come to 6 session as shown in the chart below.

I charge $125 per session, and I offer a huge discount listed below, and my sessions last 15 minutes instead of an hour or two and will achieve faster results and here's why. Remember that most hypnotherapists will spend half that hour getting you to relax before the therapy. I do it in 2 minutes. And most hypnotherapists will repeat what you need to do in order to change many times while I only repeat things 3 times. The subconscious is very intelligent and only needs to have things repeated 3 times.

My specialty lies in helping not only with smoking, weight management, stress and phobias, but with body aches and pains, especially fibromyalgia. My friend was stricken with fibromyalgia years ago and truly believed that the pain would only get worse, and as such she refused my help for a very long time. This convinced me to develop a system where, while under hypnosis, I tell their brain to stop sending all those over loaded signals of pain to the entire body, then I use techniques to expel the pain. And it has become very successful. So, know anyone who has pain? Have them contact me.

Multiple Session Discount: Only $300

So called addictions, actually habits, like smoking can take up to 6 sessions to be "addiction" free. Some smokers spend no less than $350 a month on tobacco products and have done so for many years. If you were to pay for hypnosis on a pay per session, at $125 per session, you would pay $750 total for 6 sessions. And that's still a bargain.

But I feel if you need multiple sessions for not just smoking, but for multiple reasons, then I charge a flat fee of only $300 for 6 sessions.

You would start off by paying the single-session price for the first two sessions and then the $50 balance if you feel you need additional sessions up to 6 total. Self confidence, phobias and many others can be helped in 1 to 2 sessions.

My Guarantee

Every hypnotist's website states that no hypnosis session is a guarantee for success. They say this because some unscrupulous clients will claim they quit their habits, etc., on their own, after 1 to 6 sessions, and want their money back. For this reason, no one offers a money back guarantee.

My guarantee is that I promise to help you until you are completely satisfied, and that I will do so within 1 to 6 sessions. Please note that each session should be no more than 2 or 3 days apart.

All sessions are to be paid in full at the beginning of each session.

For Weddings & Social Gatherings

I charge a flat fee of $500. Imagine a beautiful wedding party and all of a sudden someone sings out of tune and there's no music. Imagine someone showing the Home Alone face. Imagine someone acting like Elmer Fudd asking if you've seen a cwazy wabbit. And the list is endless.